3 Musketeers

Art.nr: GR
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3 Musketeers is one of those candies that never goes out of style. There's just something about this multi-flavored candy that makes everyone a little crazy. After all, who can resist a chocolate, vanilla and strawberry nougat-y treat? We know we can't! And if you're still here, then we have a feeling you can't either! So go ahead and place your order, our 3 Musketeers Bar is here for you! 

A delicious treat that will please every indecisive palate, our 3 Musketeers Candy Bars are a mouthful of chocolatey-sweet goodness.You know that just one bite will never be enough. So you can rest assured that your order will keep you satisfied...at least for a little while! So what are you waiting for? This may be a perennial favorite, but you don't want to let it pass you by!